Spicy Vegetables stir-fry with Wakame

Wakame has a silky texture, a lovely green colour and a delicate taste. Try this fantastic combination, a feast for all the senses.

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Roasted Pumpkin Crescents with New Zealand Vegan Furikake

For those who have had pumpkin in their diet for years, this preparation may be a welcome change to the traditional methods of preparation. This recipe features pumpkin seasoned with Pacific Harvest Furikake. It is natural & vegan and its flavour & colour comes from the variety of seaweed in the mixture (5) as well as Chilli, Garlic or Citrus.

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No Fat Tarragon Dressing Using Agar

I would like to tell you about a use for agar that is not widely understood and yet, has been used for years in industry for food products and many other applications.

This particular property has to do with the harmonisation of a mixture when the various ingredients have different size, weight and velocity. Imagine a vinaigrette dressing for example; if it is left to stand for 15 minutes, the various ingredients will separate and some will come to the surface while others will sink to the bottom. As you shake the mixture, the oil emulsifies and keeps the other ingredients in suspension for some amount of time.

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No Fat Tarragon Dressing Using Agar

Seaweed products: Are They Created Equal ?

Like for any other food, you need to be vigilant when shopping for seaweed. All products are not the same…for maximum nutrition you would want the raw, largely un-processed seaweed. Many products have been toasted and flavoured, you will recognise this by the shiny appearance and the salty flavour. Explanations on some differences in this article.

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Crab Imperial, seasoned with Chilli Kelp

I had my first taste of ‘Crab Imperial > Crab Au Gratin (in French)’ when I visited St-Pierre & Miquelon in 1982. I have since done my version of this recipe, which is seasoned with Chilli kelp instead of salt & cayenne pepper, more times than I care to remember, as it proves to still be a favourite amongst family and friends. Kelp is a positive alternative to salt and the chilli adds the required warmth to the dish.

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Seaweed Pesto, made with Dulse

The word ‘Pesto’ comes from the Italian for ‘pounding’ or ‘crushing’, traditionally done with a pestle & mortar. The name is now commonly used for mixtures containing various types of herbs, nuts, allium (genus for various onions & garlic) & cheese. Try this version with the red seaweed ‘Dulse’ !

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