MY FAVOURITE THINGS: Holiday Nibbles & Edible Gifts Ideas with Seaweeds

a few ideas of presentation for seaweed gifts


Finding gifts for some people may be a difficult task. Offering food can be a nice solution especially if you prepare it yourself and the presentation shows an investment of time and creativity. Eating is something everybody does and good food is associated with living well and being in good company both of which support the spirit of the Holiday Season. Seaweed as food is not only a gift of health but also an offering with a point of difference.  Sea vegetables are nutrient-dense foods that are a great addition to any meal. Although they have already built a reputation as super-foods, their culinary qualities are also something tantalising.  Their variety & versatility surpasses that of land vegetables and people are always surprised by the variety of stunning dishes that can be conjured up with a handful of different seaweeds.

This blog is a collection of my favourite recipes, the ones that I always go back to.  ‘My Favourite Things’  features Home-made gift ideas and nibbles with a difference for entertaining during the Holiday Season.  It is easy to use simple natural ingredients to create stunning decorations for your gifts, and I will give suggestion along the way.


It is easy to decorate your home-made gifts with simple & pretty things found on the seashore. Little pieces of drift wood, small shells and a variety of dried seaweed make a natural and creative ornaments. The distinctive look you will create will be appreciated for beauty and the time & energy invested in making something special.

Suggested material to create a distinctive presentation for your gift

Note: do not eat seaweed harvested from the beach as it may have started to rot.  Also seaweed available near cities or inhabited areas risks being contaminated; it can be used as ornaments but shouldn’t be consumed.




Karengoiade, a karengo pesto, presented with fresh asparagus.


Karengo (wild nori from NZ) pesto goes beautifully with fresh asparagus, grilled fish, lamb or simply served on crostinis.

Click here for the recipe.

No-fat tarragon dressing made with Agar






Tarragon Dressing, a no-fat dressing made with Agar
Delicious on witloof/endives, green salads or raw vegetable pieces.
Click here for the recipe




Homemade Garlic kelp Butter presented in a Ceramic Glass



…  make your own flavoured butters/spread to use on fresh ciabatta bread, BBQ fish, vegetables and meats for summer. Use un-salted butter or spread for this; kelp will provide the saltiness & much more! Make some and offer it as a gift with your favourite gourmet bread loaf presented on  a lovely cutting board &  bread knife.

Click here for the Garlic Kelp Butter recipe.



Furikake sticks: lovely treats wrapped to give



Looking for healthy, easy to make, high impact nibbles for entertaining?

These Furikake pastry sticks fit the bill exactly and, when nicely wrapped they make a lovely hostess gift. They are delicious as a snack or served with a platter of appetizers such as olives, salmon gravlax, pickled vegetables, deli meats and more 🙂 Click here for the recipe

Making your own gifts really transforms the gesture of giving into something much more personal…isn’t it the meaning of the Holiday Season ?  To wrap your sticks creatively, find a clear box or a lovely glass bowl where they can stand. Wrap the bowl in cellophane paper, tie with raffia and garnish with dried seaweed pieces and shells from the beach.


Mint jelly with less sugar, set with Agar



…or Mint Jelly made from garden mint and set with Agar?

Click here for the recipe





Various preparations packed in air tight glass jars


No time to cook? consider assembling the ingredients, print the recipe and present it all creatively wrapped!  Below are a few gift suggestions:

All you need to make the delicious Wakame salad!


Many people enjoy the Wakame salad sold in supermarkets, Asian stores and restaurants. It is so easy (and much healthier) to make your own. The recipe is very simple but the shelf life is short without preservatives…so make it fresh !

Print the recipe, assemble the ingredients, and present it creatively for someone special!




Our chutneys are different & delicious: they contain a generous helping of Seaweed






Our chutneys contain a healthy amount of seaweed in them. They will appeal to the most reluctant seaweed eater! Serve them with cheese and crackers or as a garnish for BBQ’d meat, fish & vegetables.



Effective presentation for jars













Seaweed Wraps > easy to make & colourful!



Something that is prepared ahead and is sure to impress children and adults alike

It is really easy to make your own wraps and fill them with a variety of ingredients to make your own creative sushi-like logs.

Click here for the recipe



Sea Lettuce leaves & roast pineapple nibble...delicious!




Sea Lettuce & roast pineapple nibble is sure to ‘wow’ your guests. The presentation is interesting whether it is in individual tasting spoons or simply on little shells that you have collected along the way. The recipe is super simple and the taste is fresh and delicious 🙂

Click here for the recipe






Dulse pesto w crackers & vegetable sticks



Dulse pesto is scrumptious and has a variety of applications: in Brittany it is used to garnish savoury crepes or mussels and crudites (raw vegetable sticks). In Ireland it is served with fish dishes or used in savoury baking. As for myself, I like it served on a simple crostini or layered with goat cheese !

Click here for the recipe



Bruschetta made with Garlic kelp Butter




Bruschetta is something that has been around for years and is still a popular appetiser. Try this version.

Click here for recipe



Goat cheese truffles with Furikake


Goat cheese truffles with Furikake & manuka honey are moorish and delicious served with other appetizers, crackers and gourmet breads. They look amazing too! and the funny part is that people can’t get over the fact that they are eating seaweed 🙂 They can easily be prepared ahead…in fact they taste better made the day before because the flavours have time to integrate while the seaweed flakes pick up moisture from the cheese and expand in beautiful colours.

Click here for the recipe


Gravlax, Norwegian-style cured fish with Smoked Sea Salt


… or maybe cured gravlax fish – so easy to make, yummy to eat and…great effect on the table

This curing method also works well with white fish such as hapuka, snapper or lemon fish. Lay it whole on a platter lined with a banana leaf, surrounded by garnishes and wrapped as a gift  in cellophane paper…ready to serve!

Click here for the recipe





I hope these suggestions will inspire you with new ideas for a healthy, tasty and enjoyable Holiday Season with your family & friends!




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