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Puff pastry Sticks with Furikake, the Seaweed Seasoning mix

I have been on a quest to present healthy snacks for the summer season. This is a moorish little nibble that takes minutes to prepare and is sure to be popular with your family and guests. These pastries are a departure from the traditional ‘cheese stick’ is that they boost some good nutrients without losing […]

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Sea Spaghetti & Kale salad with fresh Ginger

The truth is that I have always struggled to find tempting recipes using kale. Kale is incredibly nutritious and that it has a reputation for being full of cancer-preventing compounds, so it is well worth eating it ! The Sea Spaghetti adds colour, a whole host of different nutrients and a flavour that complements the greens & the ginger wonderfully.

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Spicy Vegetables stir-fry with Wakame

Wakame has a silky texture, a lovely green colour and a delicate taste. Try this fantastic combination, a feast for all the senses.

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Roasted Pumpkin Crescents with New Zealand Vegan Furikake

For those who have had pumpkin in their diet for years, this preparation may be a welcome change to the traditional methods of preparation. This recipe features pumpkin seasoned with Pacific Harvest Furikake. It is natural & vegan and its flavour & colour comes from the variety of seaweed in the mixture (5) as well as Chilli, Garlic or Citrus.

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Beetroot, Fennel & Feta Salad flavoured with Smoked Kelp

This lovely fresh autumn salad is crunchy, colourful and satisfying. Smoked Kelp is used here instead of salt or any other seasoning; it is a lovely vegetarian alternative to bacon for those who like the smoked flavour in food.

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Simple seaweed salad, Asian-style with Wakame

The recipe for this salad taste very similar to the one that is available in the stores…only you know exactly what is in it ! The ones sold commercially often contain suspicious ingredients to preserve the colour and crunchiness.

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