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Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Smoked Kelp & Dulse Garnish

Most of this week has been rainy and grey. Although temperatures are warmer than what they were a few weeks ago, the dampness around makes me search for dishes that are comforting, satisfying and wholesome. Especially when work is very busy like it is now, I like to have something that is easy to take […]

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Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Sea Grapes

The first time I tasted Sea Grapes was 2 years ago when I visited Atutaki for a holiday. It was served very simply at a buffet table, fresh and without garnish in a big wooden bowl. People would throw some on their plate amongst the other food, just like you would do with tomatoes or another vegetable. I thought […]

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Sea Spaghetti & Kale salad with fresh Ginger

The truth is that I have always struggled to find tempting recipes using kale. Kale is incredibly nutritious and that it has a reputation for being full of cancer-preventing compounds, so it is well worth eating it ! The Sea Spaghetti adds colour, a whole host of different nutrients and a flavour that complements the greens & the ginger wonderfully.

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Crab Imperial, seasoned with Chilli Kelp

I had my first taste of ‘Crab Imperial > Crab Au Gratin (in French)’ when I visited St-Pierre & Miquelon in 1982. I have since done my version of this recipe, which is seasoned with Chilli kelp instead of salt & cayenne pepper, more times than I care to remember, as it proves to still be a favourite amongst family and friends. Kelp is a positive alternative to salt and the chilli adds the required warmth to the dish.

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Beetroot, Fennel & Feta Salad flavoured with Smoked Kelp

This lovely fresh autumn salad is crunchy, colourful and satisfying. Smoked Kelp is used here instead of salt or any other seasoning; it is a lovely vegetarian alternative to bacon for those who like the smoked flavour in food.

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New twist on Pissaladière, the French Pizza

Pissaladière is a very popular lunch treat in the South of France and is traditionally garnished with anchois (anchovies). This version is vegetarian and is just as tasty & satisfying.

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