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No Fat Tarragon Dressing Using Agar

I would like to tell you about a use for agar that is not widely understood and yet, has been used for years in industry for food products and many other applications.

This particular property has to do with the harmonisation of a mixture when the various ingredients have different size, weight and velocity. Imagine a vinaigrette dressing for example; if it is left to stand for 15 minutes, the various ingredients will separate and some will come to the surface while others will sink to the bottom. As you shake the mixture, the oil emulsifies and keeps the other ingredients in suspension for some amount of time.

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No Fat Tarragon Dressing Using Agar

Vegetarian Puttanesca Sauce with Karengo, the Nori from New Zealand

This adaptation of ‘PUTTANESCA’ from the traditional Neapolitan recipe is an affordable, spicy dish intended for quick preparation. The anchovies are replaced by Karengo, a seaweed from New Zealand’s South Island. When Karengo is exposed to moisture in cooking, its flavour becomes very similar to mild anchovy.

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Simple seaweed salad, Asian-style with Wakame

The recipe for this salad taste very similar to the one that is available in the stores…only you know exactly what is in it ! The ones sold commercially often contain suspicious ingredients to preserve the colour and crunchiness.

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Low sugar Rhubarb, Orange & Walnut Marmalade with Agar

Agar is great in fruit jelly preparations, unlike pectin; it doesn’t need the sugar to form a gel. The good news is that you can make your own preserves with minimum sugar and still get the right texture.

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New twist on Pissaladière, the French Pizza

Pissaladière is a very popular lunch treat in the South of France and is traditionally garnished with anchois (anchovies). This version is vegetarian and is just as tasty & satisfying.

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Orzo, Barley, Nuts & Wakame Salad

Wakame, a versatile sea vegetable traditionally in miso soup. Wakame is a lot more than a soup ingredient. Its silky texture, deep green colour and mild oyster–like taste make it a versatile participant in a wide variety of dishes.a This creative mixture of grain, pasta, nuts, seaweed and herbs is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

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