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Controversy about Carrageen (also called carrageenan gum)

There have been health concerns with the food additive called “carrageenan gum” which is derived from Irish moss and other types of red seaweeds.  This additive is found in many commercially, highly processed foods. Carrageenan extract is an emulsifier, thickener & stabiliser that has been used in the commercial food industry for decades in foods […]

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AGAR & IRISH MOSS as egg replacers

Agar & Irish Moss are mostly used to replace egg whites in baking recipes or custards-like mousses. Using AGAR: Ingredients: for each egg white, use 1 tsp agar powder and dissolve it in 1 tbsp water Method: Using a whisk, whip the mixture well to help dissolve (keeping the mixture warm would help dissolving) then […]

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