AGAR & IRISH MOSS as egg replacers

Agar & Irish Moss are mostly used to replace egg whites in baking recipes or custards-like mousses.

Using AGAR:

for each egg white, use 1 tsp agar powder and dissolve it in 1 tbsp water

Using a whisk, whip the mixture well to help dissolve (keeping the mixture warm would help dissolving) then refrigerate for 15 minutes and whip again. Add to the baking mixture as the last ingredient and mix to just combine, do not overwork the mixture. To see a recipe being made with Agar as a egg replacer:  video.

Using IRISH MOSS gel:

10g dried Irish Moss

Rinse the dried Irish Moss by soaking in water for 20minutes. Rinse again and remove any debris. Place the cleaned Irish Moss in a litre of tepid water and soak for several hours, at least 2-3 (it makes it easier to blend smooth). Rinse well several times in cold water to reduce sea flavour. Strain and place the re-hydrated moss in a high speed blender and add a minimum of water. Blend until smooth, which will take a few minutes. Pour the formed ‘cream’ into a jar & store in the fridge. The gel will solidify when chilled and keep several weeks.
When using in recipes, ¼ cup of gel would set 2 cups of liquid into a ‘cheese cake’ consistency. Also 1 tsp gel would replace an egg white.

There are two things to consider when replacing eggs in baking: the “lift” eggs give a recipe and egg’s binding properties.
The agar mixture or Irish Moss jelly (recipes above) will replace the egg whites; it won’t help give a good rise, but will help bind the ingredients. You may want to add about 1/2 teaspoon more baking powder per recipe to help prevent it from being too dense. Some recipes also use mashed bananas to replace the yolk.

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