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Seaweed harvesting, photo by Arno Gasteiger

I also love the outdoors !

My name is Louise Marceau-Fawcett. I am originally from Quebec, the French speaking province on the east coast of Canada.

I married a New Zealander many years ago which put a stop to his OE and posted him in Canada for some 30-odd years. We have been back in New Zealand to live for  over a decade and have started a new life here…working with seaweed.

How we made that big change seems a bit fuzzy now but it really had to do with lifestyle. Life is too short to work more than 20 years in corporate, travelling all through North America on business and not seeing enough of our kids.

My early life is full of food memories, of recurring events with frenzy preparation, unforgettable meals and tasty experiences: all my extended family activities somehow involved food and far from being saturated with it, I just love it. That probably accounts for my personal interest in food, when we came here, looking for something different to do. Doug is a sailor and has an interest in everything to do with the sea, so seaweed as a topic of interest had a lot going for it ! Travelling had also cemented our interest in food and inspired my cooking well beyond the French repertoire. So ten years ago, we bought Pacific Harvest, then a part time business with a very small range of products.

We have never looked back, not that it has been easy…and still is not easy ! One always has a battle on their hands when introducing new ingredients. However tasty and healthy, new flavours & textures have to be put through the learning and acceptance curve…it is not a success overnight ! I must say that the popularity of sushi has done a lot to open minds and adjust palates to this range of vegetables from a different realm, the sea.

Our girls have had a very well developed palate at a young age, are now studying at university so meals are not always a family affair. We also have to include a number of food intolerances into our meal planning which is always a bit complicated as our little family counts vegetarians, meat lovers and my desire to have a good percentage of raw ingredients in our diet. As we have both been working full time most of our adult life, we have put a special focus on fresh and ‘easy to prepare’ meals.

I have started ‘Seaweed Recipes’ as a way to share my enthusiasm for seaweed. Whatever way you look at them, they are great ! they are super healthy and super tasty ! I am not a professional chef but for me, cooking is a creative endeavour and I enjoy new ingredients, nourishing foods and recipes that have flair. I also have a keen interest in health, nutrition and balance and new research brings new perspectives and new found ingredients become fashionable for a while. But there are some old truths that have been tested for centuries… seaweed is one of those and have learned a lot about their virtues & culinary use. I have endeavoured to show ways to make seaweed an integral part of one’s diet, especially for the non-Asian, and have achieved many lovely combinations. My goal is to share what I have discovered and continue to find new ways to integrate sea vegetables in our diet for both wellness and taste.

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